10C Anniversaries and Other Thoughts

Time flies when you're having fun, and the first anniversary of 10Centuries v4 has completely caught me by surprise. It wasn't until just a few hours ago when I was looking at some of the financials that I realized it was on February 20th that invitations started going out for people to kick the tires on this latest iteration of the platform. Just for kicks I looked back at some of the hand-written notes where the core elements of 10C v4 were planned and prioritized and was quite happy to see that the vast majority of what I wanted to put into the system does indeed exist. Some items proved to be unpopular with the community and were subsequently axed. Others still came from insightful individuals and were implemented with some pretty good fanfare. More than anything, though, the fact that people are finding value in this little corner of the Internet fills me with an incredible sense of accomplishment, because it means that I'm not crazy in wanting a place to publish and connect with people online without the incessant advertising and data mining.

There is still an incredible amount of work to do on the 10Centuries platform to make it an ideal tool for everyone to use and enjoy. With the active feedback and positive energy from the growing community, the coming months should see some exciting changes.