Introducing Shortcodes

One of the many requests people have made recently is support for shortcodes that will be seen as emoji when published. This allows people who are using desktops or devices that do not have an emoji keyboard to use the fun little images. For the first release of this function, I've decided to stick to 30 of the nearly 1,000 emoji¹ that are available. Should the feature prove to be popular, I'll slowly grow the set of shortcodes to include things like :badminton racquet and shuttlecock:.

Using the shortcodes is pretty easy. Simply put a colon on both sides of the code, and consider it done. Below is a list of the first 30 shortcodes supported by 10C:

  • :coffee:
  • :tm:
  • :copyright:
  • :registered:
  • :banging:
  • :interrobang:
  • :sunny:
  • :cloud:
  • :umbrella:
  • :point_up:
  • :relaxed:
  • :warning:
  • :zap:
  • :soccer:
  • :snowman:
  • :baseball:
  • :airplane:
  • :partly_sunny:
  • :envelope:
  • :fist:
  • :v:
  • :raised_hand:
  • :heart:
  • :star:
  • :jp:
  • :uk:
  • :it:
  • :kr:
  • :ru:
  • :us:

If the icons aren't looking quite right on your screen, it could be for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, some operating systems don't want to use the Unicode emoji codes and instead have their own way of rendering them.

Want to see some specific shortcodes? Just send me a Blurb.

  1. As of this writing, there are just over 800 "recognized" emotion characters, though many operating systems support fewer than half. This can make for one heck of a problem when trying to better express ourselves in our writing.