How Do People Use 10C?

One of the most common questions developers might have when they decide to invest in building tools for a platform is "How do people actually use this thing?" With many of the larger organizations, it can be tricky to answer. 10Centuries can suffer from this problem, too, as it's not just a social network but a place for people to write blog posts, publish podcasts, and keep to do lists. In the near future there will also be updates to allow for notes, photo galleries, and a feature I'm calling 10CB1. Will people use these services? Well, now you can find out.

A new API endpoint has been released today that will allow people to see how many of what data type exists in the system as of this moment, and how many of that item have been created in the last 30 days. This also includes new accounts and invitations so that people can judge the health of this fledgling system. Believe it or not, documentation for this new endpoint is already online and you can access it right now. Because this is querying all of the system's live data, I do ask that you not hammer the system too much with requests. Each query takes just over two seconds, though I hope to bring this down over time with some "smart caching".

When you submit the request, you'll receive a JSON response like so:

JSON Response

With this I hope that people will soon see that 10C is a viable platform to build tools on.

Questions, comments, concerns, feedback? Just get in touch!

  1. Think CB radio … but on a network … where you can listen to audio snippets in a time-delayed fashion … so long as the post is not set to expire before you try to access it.