Post Expiration

Have you ever sent an email that you later regretted? Have you ever drunk-Tweeted a picture that later got you in trouble? We all have our moments of poor judgement, but it doesn't mean we should be haunted by the evidence everywhere we go. Despite the ultimate goal of 10Centuries to keep information online for, well … ten centuries, people should have the ultimate say in how long their information remains online. For this reason, every piece of information that you upload to the network can have an expiration date attached to it. And, starting today, expiration dates just became a whole lot simpler with Blurbs.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.35.22 PM.png

Previously, expiration on Burbs worked the same way as it does on other types of information, we'd have to enter a hard date and time in YYYY-MM-DD format, and it was just ripe for misunderstandings and mistyping. So, to make things easier, we now just need to put in the number of hours a post is visible for. Any number greater than zero is accepted — including decimals.

So go ahead! Shout into the void if you feel the need. Just rest assured that, unless someone takes a screenshot of your incriminating Blurb, nobody will see it after the visibility period times out.