One of the many features that people have requested over the last few weeks — including me — is the ability to have our blog posts "automagically" appear as a Blurb when they are published. Seeing as how these things are hosted on the very same network, there's no reason why this can't happen. There were a few issues that needed to be worked out, such as what to do with regards to blog posts or podcasts that are dated in the future or past, and items with different visibility permissions or post expirations set, but a preliminary version has been released for people to try out.

A new button has been put under the Files box next to the Publish button. This is, for the moment, set to send Blurbs by default. Of course, it can be clicked to shut off the feature. Another future update will allow people to have this button set on a per-site basis.

Send Blurb Button

Future updates will see the Auto-Blurbing become much better, with post summaries being published as well as images. Podcasts should also have the audio file posted and, naturally, listens through the Blurbs will count as downloads in the creator's stats.

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